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Shelter Concerns has a great post up on the Tuesday’s commissioners meeting regarding the shelter issues. They took up three issues, (1) They hiring for 4 new positions, (2) They’re hiring a consulting firm to hire a new shelter administrator, (3) and a new contract for veterinarian work at the shelter.

The final agenda item was the vet contract. Rotating vets will be brought in on the days the shelter is closed, Monday and Thursday between the hours of 7:00 am to 12:00 pm. There will only need to be a minimum of 15 dogs/cats spayed and neutered each surgical day (


). If the minimum number of animals cannot be scheduled, surgery will be canceled by the shelter (what will happen to those animals?). There is a fixed fee of $300 per surgical day. The vet will be solely responsible for all surgery costs including surgical personnel. The vet will also provide euthanasia and medical assessment services, as requested by the Director, on an as needed basis. There was no timeframe given for euthanizing animals at the shelter who are severely injured or terminally ill. Emancipet is currently doing spays and neuters because they cannot handle the load, but this is not an exclusive contract. The vet contract was approved.

The Board will be meeting on Monday, July 30 to discuss changes to the shelter budget with Dr. Boehm providing input. The Commissioners said that right now there are Round Rock employees (Officers) working at the shelter and they have expressed interest in continuing to work out there permanently. Commissioner Birkman noted that there are “high level” people working out there. There was a brief mention of hiring a business consultant at some point.

The county having to hire a consultant to hire and new administrator is probably due to the horrible way they treated the last one.

From the Chronic (tip to Shelter Concerns) we find out that the Former Vet Tech Files Grievance on WilCo Animal Shelter.

On Friday, July 20, Kathy (Lopez) Abdella, represented by the law firm Deats, Durst, Owen & Levy, filed a formal grievance alleging violation of the Texas Whistleblower’s Act after she was terminated on Monday, July 16, from her job as vet tech at the Williamson County Animal Shelter.

Shelter Concerns has more here on recent events at the shelter.

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