More On Carter And Iraq

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As Dembones pointed out yesterday, John Carter Heeds Grover Norquist Talking Points, Mr. Carter is changing his rhetoric on Iraq and it’s pretty clear he didn’t decide this on his own. The part that needs to be explored more is why. Why is Carter changing what he says about Iraq, and is this something he truly believes, or is he just saying it because there’s an election coming up and these are the new GOP talking points?

District 31 is, as many know, home to Fort Hood and a large amount of military personnel, their families, and it can be assumed veterans and their families, as well. Who, like most Americans, are becoming less accepting of this war every day. This new strategy by the GOP “..to begin emphasizing that U.S. troops will be ‘leaving Iraq’ to give Republicans cover as they head into a tough political landscape in 2008”, is designed to allow them to skirt (cover) any serious discussion of leaving Iraq until after the 2008 election.

That would also lead one to believe that they’re just saying it for political purposes and don’t really believe it. It also seems they believe, foolishly, that by then the war will have turned the corner (again) and once they’ve held the presidency and gained support in Congress they can go back to pre-2006, unchecked and unbalanced, mendacity and secrecy.

It appears all Carter, and his like-minded schemers, are doing is trying to put forth false hope for the military and their families that, when Iraq gets better, soon, this will all end. But anyone who’s watching this war knows, the violence and death is continuing unabated in Iraq. It’s pathetic for Carter and his party to use this cheap campaign tactic and play politics with our soldiers and Marines.

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