Goodfella’s and the GOP

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With Turdblossom pinning the GOP implosion last fall on corruption, and not Iraq, and then seeing Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) get into major ethics/corruption issues reminds me of a part in the movie Goodfellas. Just after they rob an airline and come into a bunch of cash everyone’s told not to spend any money right away, lay low for a while. Then all the ‘fella’s start showing up right away with new cars, mink coats, etc.., and DeNiro’s character starts slapping people around and telling them to take all the stuff back. I kind of picture that being Turdblossom’s reaction to this and the GOP’s continuing ethical issues. There have long been comparisons to this administration being run like the mob, they’re Rotten to the Core. It’s in their bones, it’s like trying to unteach a dog to fetch.

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