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Privatization of our infrastructure, and conspiracy theories. While it may be a worth making fun of those who see a conspiracy becacuse Bush and Perry are too incompetent to hatch a plot like the one described in the article. There’s no denying that the road is being built because of what NAFTA has wrought.

Burka (free for now) on Craddick:

Most people in Craddick’s position at the end of the session—knowing that the partisan Democrats loathe him; knowing that most Republicans loathe the daily strife and poisonous atmosphere of the House, which would dissipate if a consensus-seeker were Speaker; knowing that a substantial majority of the membership wishes he would just go away; knowing that he can remain as Speaker only by bending recalcitrant members to his will; knowing that he will face the same or greater opposition next session than he faced this session—would say to themselves, “I’ve served for almost forty years. I’ve made a fortune in business. I hung tort reform and congressional redistricting around the Democrats’ necks. I’m the first Republican Speaker since Reconstruction. I’ve served three terms. I’ve pumped tens of millions of dollars into my hometown. I’ve accomplished everything I ever wanted. To hell with it. I’m outta here.” Not Craddick. Give his enemies the satisfaction of hounding him from office? Never. He’s a Spartan warrior, straight out of 300: “Come home carrying your shield or on it.” It is not his nature to accept defeat.

Although many Austin insiders believe that Craddick will not be reelected Speaker, he is more driven and more cunning than his opponents, who remain divided to the point of not even being able to settle on a single challenger, and he has broad support in the Republican party structure. He has achieved a level of personal discipline that few would seek: He has stifled the greatest weakness a politician can have, the desire to be loved—or even liked. All he wants, all he knows, is to win. I’m betting he will.

on Craddick:

Predictions are that Abbott, who has until Dec. 15 to provide his official opinion, will punt the ball back to the Legislature. But that could be a political liability, read as siding with Craddick.

Craddick’s supporters may find that alliance a political problem next year. Voters are already increasingly dissatisfied with President Bush, and Craddick and his brass knuckles could be a huge issue in 2008 House races.

Something may cause Craddick to step down or aside, or Abbott might issue a surprisingly stiff opinion.

But Democrats hope Craddick survives, at least through the November 2008 election. They need a good punching bag.

While, at this point Burka is right, we’ll just have to see what happens in the primary and general election. To see how many of Craddick’s allies and enemies survive.

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