Another Sad Mugshot For Williamson County

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This one is not a county employee but sad just the same. A pastor at a local church embezzled money form his congregation, Round Rock pastor stole at least $500,000, according to arrest report.

A longtime Round Rock pastor was arrested after telling authorities he embezzled at least $500,000 from his church, according to court records.

Donald “Roddy” Clyde, 48, turned himself in to authorities Wednesday and was charged with felony theft of more than $200,000 from the Fellowship at Forest Creek Church. Clyde’s bail was set at $400,000, and he could face 99 years in prison if convicted.

This is a sad situation. More from the AAS.

Glenn Hamilton, a church member, said the congregation’s feelings about Clyde, who had been at the church since 1992, are divided.

“There are people that, despite what he’s admitted to, don’t want to go on without him, and then there are those that feel betrayed,” Hamilton said.

An Austin fraud specialist said that Clyde could have stolen more than the $500,000 he reportedly admitted to taking.

“If he’s saying $500,000, in my experience, I would look for a lot more because when perpetrators do estimate, it’s always grossly underestimated,” said Jim Ratley, president of Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

Here’s the link to The Fellowship’s web site.

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