Thoughts On Conspiracy Theories

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The traditional media has ramped up it’s conspiracy theory talk this week as it pertains to TTC. A couple of examples are here and here.

Whether it’s JFK, 9/11 or the TTC the phenomena of conspiracy theories is an interesting one. Calling someone, or some group, a conspiracy theorist is an easy way to - as Glen Greenwald says on a different topic but applies here too - “discredit them without doing the work of engaging the criticism.” One thing to keep in mind when dealing with conspiracy theories - whether it’s an assassination, a terrorist attack or a toll road disaster - is that the real reason behind the act or plan is probably not something hatched by an Illuminati, global cabal, or something like that. It’s more than likely simple, base human failings - lying, cheating, and stealing. More than likely revolving around the accumulation of money and/or power.

Conspiracy theories can overwhelm and make people give up. Some may say, “If this hugely powerful entity is controlling everything anyway, then what’s the point”? It’s also entirely possible that these “conspiracy theories” could have been created by those that perpetrated the nefarious act/plan to “throw-off” those nosing around - fully understanding the fact that what was just said can be construed as another conspiracy theory. But it’s the throwing us off of the scent, that came to mind when reading this editorial in the HChron today, No secret. Especially the last paragraph.

All too real, on the other hand, are the effects the corridor itself will have on Texas. Bisected communities, carved-up farmland and devastated wildlife habitats are some of the provable results the corridor will leave in its wake. These threats are considerably more real than the possibility of continental government, and it doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to worry about them.

While we get tied up in NASCO, SPP, NAU, etc, etc. the plan is moving forward. Don’t get me wrong I love a good conspiracy theory, especially JFK and 9/11 - I don’t believe the theory our government’s been trying to sell us on either of those. I’m with Gore Vidal who says, “I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I’m a conspiracy analyst..”. But there’s a huge difference between JFK and 9/11, and the TTC. The first two events are in the past, theTTC is yet to happen. Let’s stop the TTC now, and all the bad it will do. Then, after that’s been done, we can go back and analyze who would have benefited.

I agree with the editorial. Let’s not loose sight of a battle that still needs to and can be won. Instead kick out all elected officials that won’t unequivocally say they will stop this abominataion, PPP’s, CDA’s, that promote tolls as Texas’ only option, and that don’t have the courage to raise the gas tax and allow us to own our transportation infrastructure.

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