CAMPO, Kirk Watson & The Austin Chamber Of Commerce

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EOW is not fan of Chamber’s of Commerce (CC). They’re traditionally “wing-nut” organizations out to promote what’s best for business and corporations at all costs. It’s not a knock on them, that’s just what they do. When taking into consideration that current state Sen. Kirk Waston (D - Austin) and CAMPO Chair, was not only the former Mayor of Austin but the former Chair of the Austin Chamber of Commerce, it makes their collaborative effort on tolling Austin’s roads a no-brainer.

KVUE did a spot yesterday on it’s eventing news cast on what’s “..sort of like a political campaign”, Chamber ramps up media blitz to fight congestion (Video too). Other than citizens KVUE did not have anyone on to counter the CC’s claims, especially the one that their’s no other option than tolls to pay for building roads.

The Austin Chamber of Commerce is ramping up its media campaign to “Take on Traffic” on Austin area roadways. This week, “Take on Traffic” radio ads started playing and more signs began popping up around town to encourage drivers to call and record their complaints about congested roadways.


Drivers seem to be taking notice.

“I’ve seen the signs but haven’t been to the website so I don’t know what it’s about,” said Austin motorist Cathy Edwards.

The Chamber is hoping Edwards - and others - find out what it’s about by following the signs.

Well here’s what it’s about. CC’s generally take the opinion that if something benefits businesses and corporations then their can’t be anything wrong with it. Naturally toll roads are a cheap way, for them, to improve their bottom lines. Here’s the way this works.

Chamber developers profit by buying cheap land and making the public pay for roads to that land. Chamber bankers profit by financing bloated freeway tolls that cost 2-4 times as much as non-tolled roads.

It’s just a media campaign to sucker citizens into believing that building roads is the best thing to do, no matter the cost to them, as long as it benefits business and corporations. I’m sure they both make campaign contributions too. It’s not surprising that as the CAMPO vote to toll all new highways appraoches that the former mayor and chamber chair and his cohorts are ramping up their propaganda effort to help.

Also from Sal Costello we learn their signs may be in violation of city code.

Please take 3 minutes and report the swarm of large TakeOnTraffic!com (TOT) pro toll signs all over town by calling 311 now.

Have at least one location to report, and add that they are all over town (and from what I’ve seen, not all of them are on private property, and I don’t know if they have a permit for the private property ones).

You can call 24/7. I called and did this today at 7am, If they get a bunch of calls, I assume they will move quicker in calling TOT to remove the illegal signs or be fined if more than 1 person calls.

Since TOT does not report any of its contributions for their political signs, we don’t know who paid for them.


From the city of Austin website, a citizen can call 311 and report sign violations:


You may not post a sign in the right of way.
In residential areas, you may post the following signs on private property temporarily:

  • Contractors’ signs
  • Garage or yard sale signs
  • Lost or found pet signs
  • Neighborhood meeting signs
  • Political signs
  • Real estate signs

In non-residential areas, all signs must be on private property and have a permit. The City of Austin does not regulate the content of billboards.

Report suspected violations to 3-1-1

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