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via the WacoTrib, The business of oppression.

Hand over your civil liberties, because we don’t want Osama bin Laden to take them.

I think that’s what Cal Thomas said.

“How many civil libertarians exist in the type of society OBL wishes to impose on us?” Thomas hyperventilated in his column.

“If bin Laden succeeds, the ACLU will be among the first organizations crushed, after appropriate thanks for helping to make the takeover possible.”

Open brown paper bag, apply mouth, breathe deeply.

Terrorism being a crime of the information age, bin Laden has exceeded Bill Gates in his designs. By dispatching a few suicide bombers to our shores and a few cryptic videos, he has caused hysteria and geopolitical overreaching as never before seen.

If one man in his smelly cave can cause what we’ve seen policymakers and pundits do since 9/11, maybe he can just waltz in, brush our chief executive aside, put his sandals up on that Oval Office desk and rule our country. Ya think?

No, I don’t. But some Americans are absolutely frantic that we must yield any number of basic civil liberties to blunt Osama’s master plan. Habeaus corpus. Protections against illegal search and seizure.

And if you haven’t noticed the nomenclature since 9/11, it’s all in the interests of “freedom.” Our war in Iraq is to advance “freedom” around the world, says President Bush. But, says our leader, be advised that you can have too much of that around here.

There’s much, much more on the, we have to give up our freedom to keep it crowd.

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