Do You Know What TEAM Is?

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EOW has to admit being out of the loop on Texas’ latest statewide voter registration system, Texas Election Administration Management (TEAM). Seems to be the latest state purchased software that doesn’t perform. Although my interest was caught when I read this post from the recently resurgent AAS campaign blog Postcards from the Trail (PFTT). It was a breakfast conversation between W and our new SOS Phil Wilson, Wilson confident about upcoming vote.

Over a plate of migas Tuesday, the state’s chief elections officer, Secretary of State Phil Wilson, said he expects no problems with a state voter registration system during the Nov. 6 elections.

The system, employed by more than 220 counties to update state voter registration records, had so many hiccups earlier this year that urban counties, including Travis, chose not to participate. Tarrant County election workers, for instance, reported delays of two hours to input a single voter into the system.

Wilson said an August stress test of the system went reasonably well, though if things don’t go swimmingly in the elections, two contractors responsible for the system will face “serious consequences.”

“It needs to work,” he said. “November will be the real test.”

That sure makes me confident. It’ll work or it’ll crash the whole damn election! Kuff has his takes here. But for the definitive posts and to get completely updated check out Racy Mind. A little more background from Computerworld, 2nd comment to article below, Statewide voter registration system hits roadblocks in Texas.

Why do we pay county employees to perform data entry tasks when I could do it myself? The State of Texas allows me to register for unemployment benefits online. What makes voter registration different?

Why not allow voters to register online? Why do we need to fill out a paper form, send it in, and let someone else enter our information?

Many if not all of the populous counties in the state, including Travis and Williamson, have opted out of using TEAM. It would seem that if the system can’t run worth a darn without the most populous counties in the state being included it has no chance of working when they are. And Hart InterCivic, the company that’s doing the database end of this project, has just been bought by Manatron, a Michigan company.

The bottom line is anytime Republicans start talking about voter registration it’s time to start asking questions.

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