The Tax Cut Con

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The Lone Star Report has a great new post up on the scam the Republicans have been running in Texas since the tool control.

Contrary to public and media perception, since gaining control of both the Governor’s mansion and the Texas State House, Texas Republican leaders have relentlessly championed one new tax increase after another. From bottled water and baby diapers to small business revenues to the internet, Republican leaders have pushed for new laws that would raise taxes on virtually every Texan.

Also, defying public perception, the large majority of Democrats in the Texas House have consistently opposed GOP efforts to raise taxes. In fact, over the last seven legislative sessions, Democrats have demonstrated that they are on the conservative side of the tax debate.

The Republicans have been raising taxes on the middle class and lowering taxes on the wealthy:

The real losers under the plan are everyday Texans who work hard, pay taxes, and are in the middle income bracket. According to the nonpartisan Texas Legislative Budget Board, middle-income families earning between $43,403 and $67,019 will have their collective taxes raised by over $19 million. Meanwhile, families earning over $146,804 will have their collective taxes slashed by over $284 million. The average family income in Texas is $49,086.

This is the result of “trickle-on” economics. It’s class warfare and Democrats shouldn’t be afraid to say it.

Harvey Kronberg’s latest Commentary at News 8 if pretty good as well:

There is no guarantee that the House and Senate will get an agreement before the veto deadline.

If Perry signs the tax bill without legislative agreement on offsetting property tax cuts, he is in political hot water for raising major new business taxes. If he vetoes the bill to avoid the political fallout, it is unlikely that the stars will ever align to pass this major tax bill again.

Facing a Supreme Court deadline, I am relatively confident that all the pieces will come together.

But if you had told me a month ago that Republicans could pass major tax bills with relative ease but get stuck on the tax cutting piece, I would have called you crazy.

You’re crazy.

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