TDP Has More On Yesterday’s Vote To Close T. Don Hutto

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Again, bravo for the commissioners finally coming to their senses and agreeing to close this moral black mark on the county. I have heard rumblings that the city might try to strike a deal with CCA. I hope the people of Taylor will let them know how they feel about that possibility. County moves to cancel T. Don Hutto contract.

Williamson County is planning on delivering a 365-day termination notice on the lease agreement for the T. Don Hutto Residential Facility, according to a vote by the County Commissioners Tuesday.

The contract agreement had been on agenda for executive session for the last few months, drawing attention and speculation as the two-year lease agreement was just re-signed in January.
“I do not believe that this court has been as open and as honest as it could have been with this contract,” said Taylor resident and activist Jose Orta at an August meeting of the county commissioners. “We will not stop until this contract is null and void.”

Of course, Jose Orta has been instrumental in bringing this issue to light and keeping the pressure on the commissioners. Thanks for all you’ve done Jose, as well as the many, many other protesters, letter writers and active citizens that have helped bring this about.

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