Missed Over The Weekend

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KBH on blogs:

The intemperate nature of blogs, and the lack of accountability, have had an overall toxic influence on our elections. These blogs are cynical and mean — on all sides. I don’t think that’s good. Even if you disagree with the mainstream media, there’s a sense of integrity and honesty and standards. There are journalistic standards, which blogs don’t have.

Why do the politicians keep encouraging us? More than likely this a pre-emptive attack by KBH in preparation for her future campaign for governor. This way when “the blogs” start holding her accountable in the future she can just say, “I told you so”, go on Fox “Noise”, aka “Fixed News”, and give us the “fair and balanced” facts we deserve that will be full of “..integrity and honesty and standards”. Sorry Senator, your words just go to shine a light on the hole that blogs have been filling in holding elected officials, of both parties, accountable.

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