GOP Brand Is Losing It’s Luster In Williamson County

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Do you think splitting up families and imprisoning mothers and children, that have committed no crime, is something Williamson County should be making money from?

Do you think elected officials should run public meetings in accordance with the law that make if fair for everyone to participate?

Are you tired of elected officials that only represent the rich special interests that fund their campaigns and could care less about the people of Williamson County?

It’s these types of actions that are fueling the political change that is blowing in Williamson County. As the days roll on, and the discontent and tin ears of our elected county officials continues, the desire and need for a change in county leadership increases. Here at EOW we get considerable amounts of email regarding the need for Democrats to run for every position on the ballot - Sheriff, Constable, County Commissioner, just to name a few. And of that considerable amount of email a significant majority of it is from those who were previously Republican voters and lament their mistakes as say, “no more”. Those that aren’t former Republicans are Independents or are now “Democrats-again” who are tired of the status quo. As discussed before at EOW many people have been voting for the GOP in Williamson County because they were perceived as the only game in town. That’s changing, and faster then most people realize.

What that means is that there is a great opportunity to run and win in Williamson County as a Democrat. There may be a perception that Democrats still face long odds in Williamson County. But that perception is, if not gone, going. Especially in HD-52 and in Precinct 1 for the 2008 election cycle. Most everyone in both parties knows that Williamson County will soon no longer be a one-party county. Accountability will return to Williamson County in 2009.

The citizens of Williamson County are realizing what many Americans realized in 2006, if not sooner, the worthlessness of the bankrupt policies of the GOP. Profiting from imprisoning mothers and children, dismissing laws that keep fairness, and preferring special interest to the people is not what they promised us. And they’re supposed to be the moral and ethical party? Sounds like a great campaign slogan.

I haven’t even mentioned toll roads, health care, our crumbling infrastructure, education, and on, and on, and on. Here again is a list of offices, qualifications and salaries on the 2008 ballot. If you’re interested can contact the WCDP here. The filing deadline is January 2, 2008.

One more time:

My gut tells me there are many Democrats in Williamson County that have been voting Republican and working with the Republicans because that was the only game in town. Well, that’s changed and it’s time to come home. If that was the case, there’s no reason anymore to wait in line for someone to decide not to run again and continue to keep quiet and aid the other side. Your needed to run as a Democrat, run a campaign for a Democrat, fund raise for a Democrat, block walk for a Democrat, NOW. Opportunity is knocking with the Democratic Party in Williamson County.

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