The RRL’s Ownership Change Is Causing Problems For “Wing Nuts”

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I don’t know for sure when the RRL went free online, aka came out from behind the firewall, but it’s been a welcomed occurrence. Now if the Williamson County Sun would discover the internet wouldn’t that be something? Anyway, back to the RRL. With the RRL being liberated from it’s former “right wing” leadership and being purchased by a more moderate corporation it appears that some of it’s former readers are having withdrawals and making EOW laugh.

Take this LTE for instance:

I knew it wouldn’t be long before Cox Publishers would begin to destroy the Round Rock Leader.

To put a tattoo factory story on the Homefront page is a joke! This is a conservative community and the majority of us don’t give a rat’s rear end about tattoos or the negativity they cause in communities.

Any city that has many tattooed people is usually run by Democrats and has a high crime rate!

As a conservative community we would much rather not tattoo, keep the crime rate low and maybe have a story about a soldier or policeman or fireman on the Homefront page.

(Scroll down for another LTE in the above link titled, Opposing liberals, Democrats, ACC and city council pay raises, it’s also worth some laughs).

Oh no, tattoo’s on the front page is sure sign the end is near. Being behind the firewall I didn’t read the RRL much, picked it up occasionally that was about it. It was obvious it was a “right wing” media outlet.

If by moderating it’s tone and not just being an echo chamber for wing nuts ruins the RRL, then it’s ruined. As the readers of the AAS will attest Cox is no liberal media outlet. It’s a corporation that’s out to make money, that’s all.

Don’t worry, the RRL has not become a member of the “librul media” or anything like that. The RRL had the right side of the dial locked up and they went as far as they could with that. Now bought by a corporation Cox will try and increase readership by being more inclusive. It’s the right thing for them to do especially in Williamson County which is turning more more Democratic with each election and is growing more tired by the day of the unaccountable one-party government we have.

Don’t worry there’ll still be prudes like the LTE above and LTE’s full of humor and GOP talking points like this one. And the occasional misleading headline like this one, Congress backs president’s CHIP veto. Congress did not back Bush’s veto. A group of fringe, radical, out of touch, all but two Republicans, in the House, backed Bush’s veto. But I digress.

It’s called progress and that means that more than before the wing nuts will have to put up with stories and opinions that might night follow the talking points of “Fixed News”. But it’s a welcomed occurrence to have the RRL our from behind the firewall. Welcome to the 21st century.

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