Democratic Groups In Williamson County Key To Future Success

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Another sign of the rise/resurgence of the Democratic Party in Williamson County is the emergence of groups complimentary to the Williamson County Democratic Party throughout the county. There’s the East Williamson County Democrats Club, ( to the Yahoo Group here to check them out), and the West Williamson County Democrats Club (If interested in joining email karenkayec AT aol dot com) - generally speaking use I-35 as the dividing line between East and West. Another group that EOW recently became aware of is GrassRoots Action Democrats or GRAD. These groups offer many around the county, who may want a more informal, localized, and/or task specific way to get involved, a way to work with, and help out Democrats around the county.

GRAD’s web site describes their purpose like this:

Our organization is committed to ensuring Democratic candidates are elected to local, state and national levels of public office. We provide targeted support of specific candidates, communication with Democratic and Independent voters and organization of issues campaigns. In addition, GRAD provides free grassroots training and sponsors leadership forums through our GRAD School.

There’s also a post, by GRAD Executive Director Henry Kight, that’s got some great information regarding Democratic Progress in Williamson County Texas. With two maps in the post, one from 2004 and one from 2006, we an excellent visuals of the changes for the better that occurred in Williamson County between 2004 and 2006.

It is impressive to see so much change in such a short period of time and the reasons for these changes are many. Frustration with the current administration whose policies of inevitable war, inhumane torture, and economic irresponsibility are among a few of the national issues. Local issues involving the Trans Texas corridor, the insane relationship between the County and the T.Don Hutto Detention center and irregularities with the County landfill contract seem to be driving factors.

The things that the GrassRoots Action Democrats, (GRAD) do to affect change are simple. We blockwalk, register voters, hold fundraisers for candidates, put up political signs and all of the normal activities that over a period of time affect change. Our group has registered over 1550 voters since July of 2004 and have held fundraisers that resulted in important direct contributions to candidates.

These groups will be key to the future success of Democrats in Williamson County by making the party more visible and active throughout the county. Empowering people, giving them more opportunities to get active and help out in the county. If you’re someone that doesn’t like the minutia and parliamentary procedure of a WCDP Executive Committee meeting, which is understandable, one of these groups may be the place for you to contribute and help get Democrats elected in Williamson County.

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