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As a committed husband and a dedicated father, I understand the daily struggles of family life. Consequently, there are three issues which keep me awake at night: education, health care, and retirement. I worry about the affordability, rising costs and being able to send my two young kids to college; I get a panicked feeling when someone in my family needs medical care; and I don’t see how I’m going to be able to retire with dignity.

When I gaze upon our political leaders, I can’t help but have an uncertainty where their true allegiances lie. Typically, a potential candidate may have a law degree, wealthy friends, endorsements and numerous connections to help raise a lot of money to make them ‘viable’.

This mindset needs to change; the politics in Washington, D.C., and inside the Beltway as well as our native Texas needs to change. There are too many influences (lobbyist and special interest groups) that sway candidates away from truly representing families and individuals. Today, I look at my family, finances and I know I could never monetarily afford to support a candidate to these lengths.

Therefore, I have decided to dedicate the Ruiz for Congress Campaign to the hard working families and individuals who feel they are not whole-heartedly represented in the political process and the U.S. Congress with the 199 Pledge. With a pledge of $199 between now and October 2008 ($16.50/mo.), you can help my campaign become a ‘viable’ political machine as well.

I’ll not accept a dime from PAC’s (Political Action Committees) or special interest groups. My allegiance will be clear and concise — I’m representing you!

This is why the Ruiz for Congress Campaign is dedicated and committed to bringing uncompromising representation to District 31 as your Congressional Representative with the 199 Pledge.

Outside influences weld too much power on our political leaders. This is my and your chance to make a difference in District 31. I need your support and will not take it for granted. As a Christian, I consider your donations as a blessing because you will be giving your hard-earned money to an unknown. But, I promise you that I won’t just be a voice crying out in the wilderness. I will be a loud voice standing up and representing the hard-working constituents in District 31.

To pledge submit your information to info@ruizforcongress.com

Thank you

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