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They do a great profile of the upcoming Democratic Primary in CD-10 between Dan Grant and Larry Joe Doherty, Capturing the Dragon. There’s some very good biographical information on the two Democrats in the article and it ends with a little speculation by an “unidentified” former Dem campaign consultant.

However, a former Dem campaign consultant, who asked to be unidentified, showed considerably more optimism. “It ain’t McCaul’s year, and he knows it. [Republican pollster] Reggie Bashur has given a presentation saying the Republican brand is damaged in Texas. Reggie’s a damn good pollster. He is understating the case. Not only do you have Iraq; you have DeLay and Perry.

“I’m sure [McCaul] is a fine young man, but if the election is going to be held on the policies he’s supported, he’s in trouble. So the question becomes: Can either of these guys raise the money to give him a race? I think Larry can; I don’t know that Dan can. I just don’t know enough about Dan to know if he can raise the money. Dan has better Washington connections to raise money, but Larry has better Houston connections from coming out of the legal community in Houston. Larry can also, if he chooses to do it, write himself another check for $100,000.

“[Kelly Fero working for Grant] and [James Aldrete for Doherty] are both really good hands at this. I think Fero knows how to buy the media in the district better. Aldrete’s production is much better than Fero’s.” Perhaps most importantly, the source said, the misfortunes of the Republicans mean not as much cash is needed. “It doesn’t take $2 million. Five hundred thousand could win.”

Indeed, Fero himself acknowledges that Grant and Doherty both are banking on a wounded GOP. “The landscape has changed,” Fero says. “The Republican Party that installed Mike McCaul, and that he has rubber-stamped since that installation is in free fall.”

The also asked each candiate what makes him better than his primary opponent. Read the responses here.

They also did a preview of the Texas House races in 2008, Could the Texas House Turn Blue? Here’s what they said about HD-52:

Closest to home, Round Rock incumbent Mike Krusee has a target on his back for his high-profile support for toll roads. Round Rock school board trustee Diana Maldonado has declared her intention to run for Krusee’s seat, with financial backing from Annie’s List, a statewide political network that recruits Demo­crat­ic women to run for office. Krusee also has a Libertarian opponent, Lillian Simmons.

In the Other Races Worth Watching, they mention Brian Ruiz the Democratic in CD-31:

Congressional District 31: No primary race, but Austin-raised Brian Ruiz, now living in Hutto, is challenging GOP incumbent John Carter. Ruiz’s father is a familiar name in Austin politics – Abel Ruiz is a past president of the Greater Aus­tin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and challenged state Rep. Glen Maxey for his seat back in 1996.

Help them all out if you can.

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