Toll Roads..They Get You To The Bottleneck Faster

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News 8 asks the question, Have toll roads helped or hurt traffic?

“It’s been more good than bad I would say. [Drivers] used to spend more time trying to get to MoPac, now when they get to MoPac they get there faster but it bottlenecks,” TxDOT spokesperson Marcus Cooper said.


The toll roads do save time and are rarely congested. But many say that although they offer more direct route, drivers often end up meeting a bottleneck on the other end.


In short, the toll roads have meant better and faster access for some, but for others it’s meant waiting on crowded access roads and new bottleneck trouble spots.

That’s what EOW would call a definite maybe.

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  1. Amerloc said,

    November 13, 2007 at 7:58 pm

    Anyone coming off the 130 trying to head east on 79 into Hutto knows bottlenecks, at least until they finish the Home-Depot-access road.

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