Military Spouses For Change

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News 8 has the story, Soldiers’ wives trying to lure presidential candidates to Fort Hood.

As most the country watches the presidential debates from their living room, one group of military families at Fort Hood wants the candidates to come to them.

Military Spouses for Change is trying to lure Democratic and Republican candidates to address the largest military community in the country face-to-face.

“These candidates are asking to be the next commander in chief. I feel like our families and service members, if nothing else, deserve an audience,” organizer Carissa Picard said.


“If they were to come here it would mean that the soldiers make a difference, the soldiers mean something. That their lives and their families mean something. That they’re not just talking the talk, that they are actually going to make some changes and support the troops,” military wife and mother Inga Guenther said.

Seems fair enough. On their web site they have a handy Candidate Comparison. They also have a page about the forum scheduled for February 1, 2008. Here’s the first paragraph describing what they would like.

This forum is NOT about being for the war in Iraq or against the war in Iraq. This is about the fact that there IS a war in Iraq (as well as Afghanistan) and there are CONSEQUENCES to that war-consequences for our service members, for their families, for our country. We believe the candidates should have to talk about how they plan to identify and deal with these consequences.

It’s the least they should do for these families that have and continue to sacrifice so much.

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