Bell Files Against Perry - What Kuff & Kronberg Have To Say

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While the 39%’s people are trying to play this off, $1 million donation dogs Perry to national stage, there may actually be a case.

OffTheKuff reminds us that DeLay’s downfall started with a case that was written off by the GOP and state pundits:

Back in 2002, I scoffed at some losing Democratic State House candidates when they filed a suit against the Texas Association of Business. Not only did those plaintiffs win their suit, they uncovered evidence of fund-shifting not unlike what’s being alleged here that led directly to the criminal indictments of Tom DeLay and three of his cronies. You never know what might happen during discovery. Most people have better things to do than file frivolous suits, so let’s see what happens when a motion to dismiss is made.

Did he say “fund shifting”? Cue Harvey Kronberg who thinks Chris Bell might have a case, $1 million Perry donation could be illegal.

Rick Perry’s people dismiss the complaint as nothing more than a clerical error.

Nevertheless, Travis County Attorney David Escamilla is considering whether RGA not registering and not reporting was a criminal violation.

But what if we find out Bob Perry’s million was deposited in an RGA bank account along with corporate contributions? Texas law explicitly prohibits corporate contributions to political campaigns. Once deposited, the homebuilder’s personal dollars are indistinguishable from the other corporate dollars sitting in the account.

Now that would be a real problem for the governor.

That corporate money will get a GOP politician in Texas. What EOW doesn’t get is why Perry needed this late infusion of cash? From what I recall Perry was never really in danger.

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  1. remerson said,

    November 20, 2007 at 1:53 pm

    Perry didn’t need the money for HIS campaing for GOVERNOR; he probably struck a deal with the swiftboat perp to launder the money to use in the campaigns of other like-minded candidates and build his own status in the party at the same time. One hand washing the other, and not in the interest of the people.

    Which is just one reasons why we need to go to public funding for elections.

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