Reports on First Day Williamson Candidate Filings

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Here’s the story, Local candidates begin filing for primary races.

“You have to have a thick skin because people are going to call you names, and say things about you that may not be true,” Williamson County Election Administrator Rick Barron said.


Most counties end up having several positions go uncontested from one of the two parties. Williamson County typically sees most positions filled by Republicans. Some say the time commitment and expense have deterred possible candidates from running.

“So far most of the races are uncontested, and it will probably stay that way,” Fairbrother said.

But the Democratic party chairman said Republicans should not be so quick to assume the races will be uncontested.

“We recruited all those positions, but we’re not ready to release that information until the candidate steps forward,” Williamson County Democratic Party Chairman Richard Torres said.

The Democrats had just one candidate file on Monday, but Torres said that’s pretty normal.

Many say change is looming for Williamson County politics because of the massive growth the area has seen since the last election year.

“The demographics are changing and the number of Democrats is increasing. I think people are moving from Travis County up here,” Barron said.

The Republicans aren’t intimidated and the Democrats are hopeful, but both parties have a long road ahead before the primaries in March.

It’s the first day of candidate filing, I’m sure there’s many more candidates to file. AAS has some more rumors on the WCGOP machines Craddick-lackey wannabe’s in HD-52, Rumors better than filings.

In Williamson County, Dee Hobbs, an assistant county attorney, surfaced as considering a run to replace retiring Rep. Mike Krusee. Hobbs, a Hutto chamber leader, is the son of longtime Justice of Peace Judy Hobbs.

He joins former Round Rock Council member Gary Coe and Bryan Daniel, who headed up the USDA office of rural development, as potential candidates in the Republican Primary. Others being mentioned include former County Commissioner Frankie Limmer, lobbyist Randy Lee and Larry Gonzales, chief of staff to Rep. John Otto of Dayton.

An ethically challenged former County Commissioner, a lobbyist, a legislative aide, etc…the machine rolls on.

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