John Young On The War On Science

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Love this line,”The club came before fire”. Here’s the link, Politicization of science.

When it comes to explaining human origins and early man, don’t forget:

The club came before fire.

Long before man figured out that lumber could be burned to illuminate and heat the cave, he knew that he could wield lumber to clobber his fellow man.

That was the case in Austin the other day in a 21st-century way.

A person whose job was illumination got clubbed.

Some alarmed observers assert that it was way too symbolic. The clubbing, they say, was on the altar of those who insist dinosaurs and man shared the same marshes a few thousand years ago.

Whatever the case, what happened to Chris Comer appears to have set us back a few eons — if we’ve been here that long.

Comer until last month was the director of science curricula for the Texas Education Agency. In that role she had won high marks for devotion to high standards when science class is ever in the cross hairs of the oh-so-powerful religious right.

Heaven forfend that each of us would be fired for what Comer did. She committed the 21st-century offense of forwarding an e-mail

There’s much more, go check it out.

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