We Knew They Were A Republican But….

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Many people, when talking about these Republicans that have been elected in our county, state, and country, describe how they’ve been taken aback by how they’ve ultimately wound up governing. Stating something to the effect of, “Yeah, I knew they were a Republican but didn’t think they’d be like this”.

The first one that comes to mind is our very own Congressman John Carter. Many long time residents of Williamson County knew Carter when he was a judge, and perceived him in that role as being fair. He may have been one of Williamson’s hangin’ judges but many of these residents thought people he did a good job as a judge and thought he would bring similar qualities to Congress. Though they didn’t agree with him on everything, they at lease thought he would be his own man, and not become a radical partisan hack. Carter has proven them wrong.

Once he got into Congress he quickly changed. From the beginning of his time in Congress - hooking his wagon to the corrupt Tom DeLay - to this current session, voting against SCHIP, against rescinding tax breaks to big oil corporations, etc.. - many regular citizens of District 31, not just Democrats, are perplexed at what a radical ideologue he has become since being elected to Congress. As far as EOW’s concerned it’s not the least bit shocking, especially when it was during DeLay and the Texas GOP’s gerrymandering peak, that Carter was elected to Congress. When he joined the DeLay ideology is not clear, not matter he quickly fell in line.

The only vote that Carter may have broken with his far right buddies in the house on is the Social Security Fairness Act. Simply put, it cuts Texas school employees and other public servants social security benefits. What was intended to be a “windfall” tax on wealthy recipients, is now falling on regular folks. This seems like such a “un Republican”, or Democratic, thing to do. Why in the world would Carter be in favor of this? Well, never discount naked self-interest. One of his children is a teacher and will face a reduction in social security benefits if this is not changed. (There’s much more about this at Texas AFT teacher’s union web site, Fight for Social Security Fariness!) They also list the Texas members of Congress who are for and against this legislation. There are seven in Texas who still haven’t signed on. Carter is aligned with those seven on just about every vote, and it’s probably safe to assume he would be on this issue too, if it wasn’t for his child being a teacher.

It’s the way of the Republican. He’ll fight to save his child’s Social Security but not for other people’s children to have health care. Fight for corporate welfare and against any form of relief for the people. Fight for lower taxes on the wealthy and higher taxes on the poor and, especially, the middle class. Fight to guarantee insurance corporation profits and against health care for all. Unless it involves a member of his family.

At the local level it can be seen in things such as, allowing a corporation to run a prison for mother’s and children, ignoring it’s citizen’s concerns regarding the landfill, the disastrous beginning at the animal shelter, and on, and on, and on.

And last night we saw the chickens coming home to roost at the state level. A district drawn to ensure a Republican would be elected was instead won by a Democrat. It was done because Texans have figured out that they know what it means to be Republican - in favor of radical policies that Texans don’t want.

EOW’s wish is that the Texas GOP will back Tom Craddick 100% and parade him around the state as the face of the Texas GOP. That’s likely but we can wish. If there are any sane Republicans left in Texas it would seem that it’s time to have a sit-down with Craddick, like the Republicans did with Nixon to avoid impeachment and removal from office. Thanks for all you’ve done for the party but now your hurting more than helping. I appears someone has. This strongly worded statement from Republican state representative and Craddick opponent Jim Keffer is evidence that at lease some Republicans are thinking that way.

“Tonight’s outcome in the HD97 special election proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that Texas House Speaker Tom Craddick is a sinking ship for the Republican Party of Texas. Republicans have now lost 11 districts under Craddick’s leadership, and he needs to resign before he sinks the entire Republican majority in the Texas House.

“Craddick’s absolute authority is an abuse of democracy, and the outcome in the HD97 race is proof enough that Texans won’t tolerate his dictatorial disregard of House rules any more.”

If Craddick was to step aside the Texas GOP would have a large bullseye taken off of some of it’s house candidates. But many say Craddick is too stubborn and will go down with the ship. Which is just fine, because as long as he’s the captain, the ship’s going down.

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