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First an editorial from the Corpus Christi Caller-Times (CCCT) regarding the crackdown on illegal immigrants and the fact that the crackdown doesn’t extend to employers who hire illegal workers. As EOW pointed out a while ago, with Thom Hartmann’s help, this is basically a fight inside the GOP between cheap labor conservatives/corporatists and the racists. From today’s CCCT editorial:

The dichotomy of American immigration policy is perfectly captured by the fact that even as thousands of illegal immigrants are being rounded up, fined and deported, very few businesses are suffering the consequences of violating the law that prohibits hiring undocumented workers. The heart of the problem is that the law no longer matches the facts on the ground.


The irony is that the demand for labor and the willingness of employers to risk prosecution creates the very draw that has sparked a backlash to immigration. And that has prompted federal authorities to crack down on illegal workers. Michael Chertoff, Homeland Security chief, is determined to regain credibility on the issue of enforcing immigration laws. But he may be in the impossible situation of enforcing a law on illegal immigration on which the public’s way of life has become dependent.

In other words if the penalty is minimal for those corporations that break the law. And if the corporations are making much more from employing illegal workers than they’ll ever pay for violating the law. Then, in essence, there’s no reason for the corporations - whose only purpose is to make a profit - to not continue breaking this law.

This SAEN editorial on SCHIP, Children’s insurance extension inadequate, goes to show that President Bush and the “wing-nuts” in the GOP have kept health care for children in play through 2008 for Democrats, that are paying attention, to bash them with:

The State Children’s Health Insurance Program, which was hotly debated throughout 2007, is destined to remain a burning issue in the 2008 elections.


The uninsured visit emergency rooms more often, but wait longer before seeking care. The delay increases the severity of their condition and the cost of their treatment.

As we have noted here before, 10 percent of patients consume 80 percent of health care dollars. And those dollars come from the pockets of taxpayers.

Twenty percent of Texas children are uninsured.

Insurance is more cost-effective than emergency room treatment.

Right or wrong, Bush made it clear that he wouldn’t budge.

By failing to find a middle ground that would have survived a Bush veto, congressional Democrats and Republicans have kept the nation on a penny-wise and pound-foolish path.

We can pay now or pay much, much more later. This debate over children’s health care shows how devoted the GOP is to the campaign cash of insurance corporations.

And last this DMN editorial on Ric Williamson that praises his Bush-like partisan polarization politics as “visionary” and for saving Texas highways.

Mr. Williamson’s most ambitious goal – the mammoth Trans-Texas Corridor intercity turnpike – remains too much for most Texans to fathom. It may not be built in time to benefit this generation of Texans, but no one has been able to disprove the argument for building it.

Ric Williamson was a visionary whose vision was always a matter of lively debate. Texas will miss his uncompromising dedication to making our state a better place.

It sure seems like they’re saying that Texans are too stupid to realize how great the TTC is going to be. The highlighted part shows that the DMN editorial staff just has it’s head in the sand. It would be more factual to say that no one has been able to disprove it to the DMN editorial staff. Many, EOW included, feel the argument for the TTC has been disproved.

Williamson was uncompromising, just ask Sen. Carona, and did believe in corporate privatized roads ways in Texas as the only foreseeable future. Selling out Texas’ infrastructure to the highest bidder is not visionary. It was one man’s vision, not visionary. This editorial just goes to show that in the DMN’s estimation being a polarizing political figure is excusiable, IOKIYAR, if you’re a Republican.

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