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At a press conference yesterday Hutto Mayor Ken Love read aloud a letter that was sent to Gov. Rick Perry asking for help regarding the transmission lines that will be running through Hutto. Love along with other local groups are vowing to kill the project, (via AAS, Hutto has harsh words for LCRA, state):

At a Monday morning news conference, Hutto Mayor Kenneth Love said the city’s concerns are being ignored. He read outloud the letter that was sent to Perry. The letter lists the concerns and ends with a threat that Hutto will fight the entire project, if needed.

“If common sense does not prevail, then we will kill the project,” Love said. “We will kill it in the political arena, and we will kill it in the regulatory-judicial arena.”

While it’s not clear how the project could be killed by local entities, it is clear who won’t be helping them:

It’s unclear how city officials could cause the project’s demise.

State Rep. Mike Krusee, R-Williamson County, said that he supports the city but that he would ultimately support the project because it’s for the good of the state.

Gov. Rick Perry has no plans to do what Hutto is asking, spokeswoman Allison Castle said. Perry doesn’t micromanage his boards and commissions, and he trusts his appointees to be fair, Castle said.

That’s no surprise. The GOP wants to build the TTC through some of the most prized farmland in the country and now won’t even listen to those that put them back in office. I hate to say I told you so, but…

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