News 8 Reports On Precinct 1 Commissioners Forum

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Commissioner’s race heats up in Williamson County:

About 150 people gathered at the Fern Bluff Community Center to hear Republican challenger Steve Laukhuf, Democratic challenger Mike Grimes and current Republican commissioner Lisa Birkman address the issue that hits home for them.


The members of this community are concerned about the Creek Bend extension project that’s going to plow right through their neighborhood.

“The current commissioner’s court, we feel like they have not represented us in the Creek Bend issue, resident Jimi Miller said. “We feel like they gave away the farm for those of us that don’t live in city limits.”


“So this is a very, very important race to them,” resident Gina Warrington said.

It’s an important race to a lot of people who live in Precinct 1. And two hours of questions lead to some surprising answers.

“The campaign funding situation surprised me. I think it’s interesting that some of the candidates are being backed by the very people that are building the road we don’t want,” Warrington said. “I don’t think I like that idea. In fact, I hate it.”

“I did not like hearing that Mrs. Birkman got so much of her financing from people who directly benefit from doing business with the county,” Oak Brook resident Chris Tiemann said.


Grimes said he refuses to accept more than $250 in campaign contributions from any one person or group. He said doing otherwise compromises the position.

To see who gave to Birkman go here. This is not surprising to anyone who’s been paying attention to the way things work in Williamson County. No matter who wins to uphold the status quo on the GOP side, the only candidate that can bring accountability back to the court, and provide what’s needed for democracy to flourish, a check on one-party government, is Democratic candidate Mike Grimes.

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