HD-52 Post Primary Analysis

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With a primary runoff looming on the Republican side to see who will face Diana Maldonado in November here are a couple of tidbits from Tuesday’s numbers to look at.

Mike Krusee barely won the 2006 race in HD-52 with just over 50% of the vote and a total of 18, 853 votes. Karen Felthauser came in second with 16,520 votes. On Tuesday Diana Maldonado received 16,827 votes. That means in the primary she received a little more than 300 votes more than Felthauser received in the 2006 general election. The 4 GOP candidates were only able to muster 10,344 votes combined on Tuesday.

These numbers are very good and Maldonado had more votes than the GOP candidates combined in 44 of the 49 precincts.

There will be much more analysis to come of HD-52 and other county races and numbers in the near future.

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