Change Is On The Ballot, Slime Time Is Coming

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While the voters in Williamson County would like to have the upcoming campaign battles be about the issues, the well-funded WCGOP is unlikely to let that happen. The Democratic candidates are for change and, along with the voters, want to fix the messes our current elected officials have gotten us into. And all the Republicans have is their their record to run on, and they can’t let that happen. Because they would lose. From today’s AusChron Election Wrap-Up story we get a preview of the slime to come from the WCGOP:

Birkman’s main platform was that she had built roads and trails, while Laukhuf countered that of the half-billion dollars allocated for roads during Birkman’s term, only a fraction benefited Precinct 1. In his campaign push, which involved visiting 5,000 homes, Laukhuf showcased his community service – he’s the current head of the Round Rock Chamber of Commerce – and promised to work toward building bridges between warring factions in the controversy-torn county. But another hurdle for Laukhuf was that a pro-Birkman political website, sponsored by GOP officers, essentially trashed Laukhuf’s character and accused him of un-GOP behavior.

While it’s unlikely that Democrats and Independents will fall for the same “un-GOP character” slime the “GOP officers” threw at Laukhuf, this is, after all, what they do. It would be foolish of anyone to expect this to change, it is their way. The hypocrisy is that they will look the other way when elected officials in their midst, that agree with them, repeatedly violate their moral code, but not if they disagree.

It’s almost assured they will find some nonsense, that matters little in the lives of voters, and attempt to use it to keep the voters in Williamson County voting against their own best interest. It’s up to the media - which in Williamson County is mainly an extension of the WCGOP - to call them on it, and start doing their job. The GOP here has a lot of money and will use it for negative campaigning, in an attempt to keep from having to defend their record on the issues.

Let there be no doubt, change will be on the ballot in Williamson County in November. From the race for President, and US Senate all the way to county commissioner, and county attorney. If you’re for unaccountable, one-party, authoritarian rule like we’ve had for the last 12 - 15 years in Williamson County keep voting for the sliming WCGOP’s candidates. If you want change, accountable government that works for the people, then vote Democratic.

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