Vote For Rick Noriega, Progressive Patriot

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Here’s what Sen. Russ Feingold’s (D-Wisconsin) Progressive Patriots Fund is all about:

The Progressive Patriots Fund is dedicated to promoting a progressive reform agenda and supporting candidates across the country.

This organization enables us to be a part of a larger national effort to build the Democratic Party throughout America. We are able to travel across the country, listen to others, speak out on important issues and advance a progressive reform agenda.

The challenges far too many Americans face every day did not go away with the past election. I will continue to give voice to those who believe we must work to provide health care for all Americans, protect and create jobs, ensure fiscal responsibility, and fight terrorism while also protecting our freedoms.

In both so-called red and blue states, people’s voices need to be heard. That is why we intend to help continue a dialogue about how we move forward as a country united by the values we share and the challenges we face together.

-Senator Russ Feingold
Honorary Chair, Progressive Patriots Fund

Click here to vote for Rick Noriega:

Cast a vote for your favorite Senate challenger - whichever candidate receives the most votes will receive a $5,000 contribution from the Progressive Patriots Fund for their 2008 election.

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