Rick Noriega, Delivers Democratic Radio Address

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Via Trail Blazers Blog, Radio showcase for Rick Noriega. Here’s an excerpt (click on link above for full text):

In choosing the next President, we have a duty to ask, what course will they take in Iraq? Will they commit our soldiers for generation after generation to remain there? Will they spend trillions of dollars more to police a civil war? Will they continue to divert vital resources that could have otherwise gone to fighting extremists in Afghanistan and around the world? Or will they say enough?

I respect John McCain and am grateful for his military service, as every American should be. But John McCain is wrong on Iraq. McCain himself said recently he would be willing to spend 100 years in Iraq. Five years ago, McCain helped President Bush mislead the American people in the run up to the war and echoed the Bush Administration ever since. Even the President admitted, McCain would not ‘change’ a thing.

The alternative is new leadership. The alternative is a President who will safely re-deploy our troops from Iraq, and finish what we started in Afghanistan. A President who never loses sight that it was Osama Bin Laden who attacked us on 9/11. A President who understands, we cannot go it alone. The alternative is a Democratic President.

We are at a crossroads. We must right ourselves and restore America’s greatness at home and abroad, and we must do it together. Our right to vote is powerful, but only if we choose to exercise it. We can elect a Democrat this November, and change the course of the war in Iraq, change the course of history. But it will take all of us. I hope to see you at the polls.

This is Rick Noriega, a veteran of the U.S. Army, a Texas State Representative, and a father, on behalf of the Democratic Party. Thank you for listening.

See below to vote for him for the Progressive Patriots Fund.

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