The Dress Code Is Still In The Commissioners Rules

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Back on March 25th EOW posted that the Williamson County Commissioners Court (WCCC) had dropped the dress code from their Rules of Procedure, Conduct & Decorum. The AAS story we linked to said this:

Williamson County commissioners removed a controversial rule requiring a dress code in their meetings.

In reality that does not appear to be the case. EOW received an email that points this out in much greater detail.

Remember, last October, when the WCCC passed the dress code about “appropriate business attire,” and claimed they hadn’t passed a dress code? Even District Attorney John Bradley claimed they hadn’t passed a dress code. Then we wrangled for 5 months and they declared they had rescinded the (non) dress code. Well, guess what!

They actually just changed it a bit and made it even more ambiguous and outrageous!

Page 2, Item C: The new language reads:

“Those members of the public who are inappropriately attired and/or who do not conduct themselves in an orderly and appropriate manner will be ordered to leave the meeting.”

Who decides, and nowhere in the rules does it say, what “appropriate attire” is? You can see the new Rules here, and notice the (Rev. 3/25/2008) under the title.

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  1. FedUp said,

    April 9, 2008 at 7:54 am

    My take……..you get up to talk to the court. Dressed in your nice jeans, boots, starched shirt with a smile on your face. They greet you with pleasantries. (After all, you look nice in your everyday Texas attire
    and do not appear to be a THREAT) You start to speak stern about an unjust issue the courts has put opon you and the citizens of Williamson County. They can not answer the questions you have asked. You now have become a THREAT. Can you guess what happens next?

    “Deputy, will you please escort this person out of the court room. They are not dressed properly to address this court!”

    Don’t you get it people. These rules are to SHUT you up! The Royal court DOSE NOT care what you have to say. It’s their way or no way and if you don’t like, well tuff.

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