T. Don Hutto’s Makeover Shows What Public Outcry Can Accomplish

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If it wasn’t for the protests, public outcry, and lawsuits changes would not have been made at T. don Hutto, despite what CCA says. From todays’ AAS article on CCA’s latest PR blitz regarding T. Don Hutto:

“Candidly, when (Hutto) opened, we were new to the family residential facility business. We learned a lot,” Gary Mead, acting director for detention and removal at Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said Tuesday.

Mead said the modifications — he estimated 110 in all — would have taken place even without the lawsuit.

Advocates like Michelle Brané of the Women’s Commission for Refugee Women and Children in New York disagree. They say the lawsuit, public pressure and media exposure of conditions at T. Don Hutto moved the immigration agency to take action.

Contrary to what Mr. Mead said, these “modifications” would not have happened without the public outcry and lawsuits that shined a light on CCA’s inexcusable practices, especially where the children are concerned. It would have been more profitable, better for their bottom line, for them to leave it as it was.

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