TexBlog PAC Endorses Diana Maldonado

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TexBlog Pac whose mission is to “..to effectively harness the power, energy, talent and financial resources of the online, progressive community to make Texas a better place by electing Democratic candidates at all levels of state and local government”, has chosen Diana Maldonado as it’s first endorsed candidate of the 2008 election cycle. Their primary purpose is to take back the Texas House in 2008.

From the press release:

TexBlog PAC will announce at an event tonight that their first endorsed candidate of the 2008 general election cycle is Democrat Diana Maldonado, who is running in House District 52 (Round Rock). The unanimous endorsement is the result of deliberation among the PAC’s seven board members from various progressive Texas blogs, and will be accompanied with a $5,000 check and substantial online outreach for Maldonado and her campaign.

“TexBlog PAC’s endorsement is more than a check,” Matt Glazer, PAC Treasure and Editor of Burnt Orange Report, explained. “We will not only give Diana $5,000, we will also be focusing our online efforts to follow the race, raise additional funds, and build the infrastructure necessary to win a close election.”


Maldonado’s endorsement is the first of 5 major endorsements by the new PAC. During the 2008 election cycle, the TexBlog PAC will work toward winning 5 additional seats in the Texas House, allowing Democrats to elect a Democratic Speaker. A net gain of 5 house seats will put an end to the Republican claim of unilateral power and bring back the democratic process to the people’s House.

“Texas’ progressive bloggers decided to put our money where our mouse is,” Vince Leibowitz, TexBlog PAC Board Member and Owner of Capitol Annex stated. “There are masses of untapped grassroots resources across Texas. There are exciting technological advancements that we can utilize to help get more good Democrats elected. Rather than sit on the sideline and Monday-morning quarterback, TexBlog PAC will actively engage our readers and supporters to help take back Texas.”

A solid first choice to, as board member Karl-Thomas Musselman said, “end the era of one-party Republican rule in Texas”.

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