Texas GOP Business Tax Due Today

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Via the DMN, the all hate it….now. John Sharp reminds us that they all liked it because it was the least objected to fix and they had to do something.

Former state Comptroller John Sharp, who led the tax reform commission appointed by Mr. Perry to draft the legislation, said most business groups supported the plan based on the belief that it was the only practical way to comply with a Texas Supreme Court ruling that required less reliance on property taxes in the state’s school finance system.

“I guarantee you that if you go back to 90 percent of the businesses in this state,” he said, “they would say, ‘This ain’t perfect, but this is the one we’ll take.’ “

Sure they hate it, but Republicans “hate” all taxes. It’s not whether this tax is good or bad necessarily, but what to they propose to take it’s place. And that’s where we should be having a serious discussion. Enough with the smoke and mirrors! Texans have to choices. Either we go with the highest sales tax in the nation or we institute a progressive state income tax. Our state leaders should start that discussion now, in the meantime public education is in big trouble.

Happy GOP tax day everyone!!

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