The Definition Of Insanity

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The people of Williamson County have to realize that this election, like all elections, there’s a choice. Do you agree with the way your county is being run, and are you happy with the current government? If not then a change must occur.  If you like the way things are being run then by all means vote to reelect the current commissioners and county attorney. But just remember that regardless of party, reelecting the current officeholders will be seen, by them, as sanctioning their current agenda. On the landfill. On the SH 29 expansion. On toll roads.

The only way to stop the insanity - doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results - is to vote them out. So it’s time to do what you can, and vote for change. County Attorney - Jaime Lynn, Commissioner Precinct 1 - Mike Grimes, and Commissioner Precinct 3 - Greg Windham.

Nothing will change until a few of them are shown the door. Accountability comes in November.

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