Greg Windham Shows Us The Money

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In the latest post on his blog, Democratic candidate for Precinct 3 County Commissioner shows us where his opponent’s money comes from:

It’s with sincere trepidation that I begin this entry.

“Be careful what toes you dance on,” my wise old friend said when I got into this fight. I can tell you now that this election is much bigger than just a Commissioners Race in Williamson County.

The rats in this race are ravenous, uncivil engineers of profit and plunder. This is the no-bid capitol of Texas and our cohort contracts abound.

I am going to list a who’s who’ of Political Contributors to the campaign of my opponent, Valerie Covey. I withheld listing donors that are residents of Precinct3. Ms Covey has many fine Americans from precinct 3 that gave their money to someone they believed would hold up the values of the Republican Party. Ms Covey received almost $50000 from interests and individuals outside of Precinct 3. She did not receive half that number from within her own precinct. It will be up to them, primarily, to determine if Valerie should remain in control of our precincts input on the county budget and road bonds. Voters in the precinct will determine if her voting record represents the citizens of precinct 3 or the developers and road engineers that fund her campaign. They can buy lots of signs, but folks that live on Lake Travis can’t vote here.

Friends, neighbors, and residents of precinct 3. This isn’t meant to be smear politics. These records are public domain. The names don’t always tell the whole story. Sometimes there are faces and impressions behind the name that must be explained further. A brief attempt at the background of the donor and the relevance of the donation will be attempted. These are in no particular order.

To see the list clickhere. After the list he goes on to point out:

Now, who do you think Incumbent Republican County Commissioner Valerie Covey represents? And let’s not forget Lisa Birkman. Ms Birkman’s war chest is dotted with many of the same names.

Why do so many Trans Texas Corridor consulting, engineering, and construction firms give thousands and thousands of dollars to your county commissioners?

Ask the question. Do these women work for us, the citizens of Williamson County? Or do Valerie Covey and Lisa Birkman represent the road engineers, builders, and consultants of the toll roads and the Trans Texas corridor?

Ask the people along Highway 29 or the residents of Liberty Hill. Ask yourself on November 4th.

This is extremely important information for the voters in Precinct 1 and 3 to know before entering the polling place this fall.

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  1. doctorj said,

    August 21, 2008 at 2:39 pm

    “The individual who was manifestly the choice of the majority of the people was not elevated to that distinguished situation for which his qualifications so preeminently fitted him, and to which the important services he had rendered to his country so richly entitled him. This is a subject of serious consideration for the citizens of the united states, and it will be for them to say, on some subsequent occasion, whether they will tamely yield those inestimable rights to the unhallowed dictation of politicians, who may choose to barter them for their own individual aggrandizement.” -Sam Houston 1828

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