DFT Caucus, part 2

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This is a continuation of the DFT Caucus post below which is happening so fast and furious it is difficult to keep up.

Next up was DFT Austin member Nick Lorrie. “I was a big old Deaniac,” Lorrie said. “when he dropped out of the race, He said he wasn’t quitting.” As Lorrie pointed around the room he concluded that “Sitting in this room and to hear such strong Democrats fighting for Democratic values, this is what Dean was talking about.”

Lorrie, who wore his Maxey cap, explained that effectiveness registering voters is the political skill that earned his support. “In Travis county we registered 85,000 voters. We do things like going to Mark Strama’s district and registering a record number of new voters. Jack Stick filed a complaint because 3,000 voters registering on the day of the election deadline demonstrated an intention to persuade an election’s outcome.” Lorrie deadpanned, “Yes. That is exactly what we were doing.”

Chris Bell at DFA CaucusNext, Chris Bell provided a preview of his floor speech with a rousing five-minute oration that caused the crowd of about 300 to rise from their seats in applause. “Two years ago I had the proivilege of addressing the state Democratic party convention,” Bell said. “It was about two weeks after I had filed the ethics complaint against Tom Delay.”

“Today is Tom DeLay’s last day in Congress. That proves that we were right and he was wrong and we can win if we stand up and fight. Not only do we need to stand and fight, but we need to win…. How wrong does (Rick Perry) have to be before the people of Texas rise up and start saying enough is enough?”

A parade of candidates followed Bell, including Ankrum, John Courage, and David Van Os. We’ve been watching Van Os speak for years and love the thick slabs of red meat he serves in his speeches. He did not disappoint.

David Van Os at DFT Caucus“Is the CEO of ExxonMobil of ChevronTexaco here in the room?” Van Os asked, looking around the room. After a brief pause, he continued, “That’s too bad. Because I have a message for them. You had better spend all your billions to keep me from getting elected Attorney General in Texas. Because the day I am inaugurated in January, I am coming after you.”

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