GOP tax schemes continue to offer no help for most Texans

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While there can be no doubt that Texas’ economy, over the last decade or so has been beneficial to corporations and the wealthy, it’s the rest of us that are having trouble making ends meet. But that’s what happens when Republicans run government. The same ‘ol trickle-on-down economic scheme they’ve been selling for 30 years has never brought the economic boon to those at the lower and middle of the spectrum, as it has to those at the top.

Yesterday our governor, some wing-nuts, and the Father of trickle-on-down all got together to tell us how Texas is better than California. Like we needed a bunch of huckster’s to tell us that. They’re attempt to again extoll their economic plan as a panacea for all, instead continues to shine a light on how it works for the wealthy and corporations, and not for the rest of us. The report is virtually silent on quality of life issues or how any of this benefits the middle class and low income workers, as well as issues like health care, the state of public education, income disparity. We’re always told the benefits will come, they just never do. It’s safe to surmise they’re not addressed because they’re not considered things that would make one state better than another in their eyes.

While Laffer and Perry agreed on many counts, one thing they didn’t agree on was a right-wing Perry gimmick, Economist raps Perry’s tax-rebate plan.

Perry said the last legislative session left $7 billion in tax revenues unspent. He said he would like to see the state constitution changed so that can be given back to the citizens of the state as rebates.


At a news conference afterward, Laffer was asked about Perry’s proposal.

The economist suggested Texas would be better off to have a broad-based consumption or sales tax with a flat rate than to give taxpayer rebates, saying “you really want lower (tax) rates” rather than to give “a check per person.”

“A rebate is probably not the way to benefit your state the most,” he said.

If we have all this money “left over”, which is a dubious claim, then yes the best thing to do with that would be to lower taxes, but for those that need it. Using the most regressive tax, as our only method of taxation won’t do the trick to help out those that need it most. And judging form the report, since the wealthy and corporations pay very little taxes, those that need it are low and middle income Texans.

But in light of the current situation(s) going on around Texas, as it pertains to the current GOP lead government’s inability to adequately fund public education, that money would probably be best spent on education, Some school districts trying to bump up taxes. It doesn’t seem like the morally right thing to do, hoarding $7 billion, as school districts struggle with the skyrocketing costs of energy, food, etc.. As the GOP continues it’s decades-long attempt to sell increasing income disparity as supposed economic gain, while defunding public education and children’s health care, and increasing the tax burden on middle and lower income Texans, we must be sure to point it out.

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