Republican Immigration Hypocrisy

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Dave McNeely in his latest column, Can the GOP stir up Hispanics? Can Democrats?, has a good analysis of the Hispanic vote in Texas for ’06. But the part I want to focus on is the differing views on this issue between our two Senators and Gov. Perry:

Ride to the rescue the Republicans. Their adamant stance against illegal aliens becoming citizens has Hispanics demonstrating in the hundreds of thousands. That was by far the hottest topic at the GOP convention in San Antonio the previous weekend. Solutions offered included Gov. Rick Perry’s idea to put Web cams along the border; building a 20-foot wall between Texas and Mexico (which Perry opposes); deportation of anyone found in the country illegally; and no legal means to citizenship for those in this country without permission.

While in essence saying that some of their best friends were immigrants, the Republicans nonetheless made it clear they oppose citizenship for those who come here outside legal channels. ”No amnesty! No how. No way,” the GOP platform said.

Texas’ two United States senators, Republicans Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Cornyn, boasted of voting against a milder bill that passed the Senate, which included a legal path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

I think it’s obvious from this that Perry being in a 4-way race feels he needs to court the Hispanic vote more. Hutchison who doesn’t feel threatened feels no need for courting. Cornyn I’m sure feels he has plenty of time to change his mind before ’08 if he needs to.

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