Signatures In, The Race Is On and Debates

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Some very good analysis of the governor’s race as it “officially” starts from Wayne Slater of the DMN, In crowded governor’s fray, candidates picking 2-way fights. I think the analysis of Chris Bell having a base and neither Strayhorn or Kinky having a base to go to is a good one. Also this analysis is good too:

The governor’s political adviser, David Carney, said the race will, indeed, turn out to be a two-person contest between the Republican and Democratic nominees.

“She’s trying to be all things to all people, but without the party structure, it’s very difficult,” said Mr. Carney.

“If Bell were to solidify the Democratic base, he would be the viable alternative,” he said. “So he’s the guy we’ve got to make sure doesn’t get any momentum.”

When you try to be everything for everybody you wind up being nothing to everyone. Not to mention the way she is going against all the Perry-backed Republican items she was instrumental in getting enacted. For more on that see this Chris Bell post over at DallasBlog, El Corazon Is The Real Face Of Strayhorn.

Selbly’s article at the AAS has some funny stuff. I’ve said all along that Kinky and Strayhorn will at least keep this race humorous:

Strayhorn, the former Austin mayor who declared herself an independent (and forsaking a run as a Republican) in January, said: “If I look like I’m floating, I am.” She added that her fundraising lead to date compared to Perry’s other challengers means it’s a “two-person race” between her and Perry.

“I agree with her; it’s between Carole and her ego,” retorted Friedman, who is making his first try for state office.

Wayne Slater has one more from the DMN on debates, Perry undecided on debate, but other candidates enthusiastic:

“It’s too early to be discussing debates,” said Perry spokesman Robert Black. “We haven’t made any decision about anything regarding a debate.”

Four years ago, Mr. Perry debated Democrat Tony Sanchez in Houston. The last time the major candidates for governor did not appear together in a televised debate was the 1990 race between Republican Clayton Williams and Democrat Ann Richards.

Each of Mr. Perry’s major opponents – Democrat Chris Bell and independents Carole Keeton Strayhorn and Kinky Friedman – say they’ll debate.

Will Perry get on stage and take shots for 90 - 120 minutes from his three challengers? Stay tuned.

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