Taylor Daily Press Reports on Voting Rights Act Delay

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In which John Carter claims he was taken out of context, Voting Act renewal put on hold:

Carter, who was previously quoted as saying he didn’t think racial bias existed in Texas anymore, said the quote was taken out of context.

“I lived in Texas during 1964. Clearly, by any evaluation, it does not exist like it did back then,” he said. “In 1964, a person could make a valid argument racial prejudice did exist in parts of Texas, but today those things don’t exist to extent that keeps people from voting.”

Carter said the vote has not been canceled and he thinks the House will vote on the Act before the Fourth of July holiday.

However, (Jose Orta, secretary of the League of United Latin American Citizens in Taylor) said he remains skeptical and believes the Republican lawmakers have an alternate agenda.

“I still think there is racial bias in this state and I think Carter and the other congressmen had an alternative motive for delaying the vote,” Orta said. “I am upset and appalled with John Carter. He says he is representing his constituents, but I don’t think he is representing all of his constituents.”

Orta said he believes those who can not see racial bias choose not to.


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