Pay Raises For Elected Officials In Williamson County?

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You might not know about this if you didn’t hear about it like I did. Yesterday afternoon on the way home I heard a story on a local radio/news station detailing that the Williamson County Commissioners had approved pay raises for elected officials in the county - Commissioners, Judges and the Sheriff. I can only remember the amount of the raise for the Commissioners, I think it was around $7,000 annually.

The only mention I can find, so far, about this is from the TDP:

Commissioners propose pay raises for themselves, other county workers


In other business, the commissioner’s court voted to publicize a list of proposed salaries for county and precinct officials. The court decided to wait to approve the proposed salaries.

If approved, the new budget would give many county officials several thousand dollar pay raises. County commissioners would each receive a $6,800 raise.

“We cannot raise the (proposed) amounts any further, but we can lower them,” Doerfler told the court.

Jim Dillon, a Liberty Hill resident, told the court voting for the pay raise is a clear conflict of interest and he would seek a court injunction if they did.

“If that doesn’t work, I’ll sue the pants off you,” Dillon told the court.

The story also tells of the new employee they hired:

The Williamson County Commissioner’s Court approved a recommendation to hire Gary Oldham as program director for the Williamson County Communications and Emergency Operations Center on Tuesday.

According to Connie Watson, public information officer for the county, Oldham was selected by a group of county and city officials including County Judge John Doerfler and Pct. 1 Commissioner Lisa Birkman, who presented his nomination to the other county commissioners.

This story, like last week’s about the new elections administrator, is another item that is very important to the resident’s of Williamson County - Mr. Dillion in particular - but isn’t getting much attention in the Williamson County media at this point. In an election, year with three commissioners races, it sure would be nice to know where the candidates stand on this issue. That might me an angle for the media report on.

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