Democratic newcomer Jaime Lynn running because of controversy

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New 8 has a report up on the Williamson County, County Attorney’s race between Democratic challenger Jaime Lynn and GOP incumbent Jana Duty, Williamson County Attorney race heats up (video here). As per the WCGOP’s candidate’s MO, Jana Duty “..was unable to give us an interview Wednesday to discuss the race”. But Lynn did a great job making his case.

There’s been a number of controversies this past year involving the County Attorney’s Office.

That’s why Democratic newcomer Jaime Lynn said he’s running, but Republican incumbent Jana Duty said she has the experience.

Lynn said it’s time for a change.

“I was asked to do this, and I had never really paid attention to local politics that much, and I started seeing what was going on with the County Attorney’s Office and it started making me angry at the tax dollar waste,” he said. “I kept hearing the same word, ‘incompetence,’ with everyone I spoke with, and I decided I wanted to do something about it.”

Lynn said his opponent has failed to serve the Williamson County citizens.

He’s referring to two big controversies this past year: The handling of contracted operations with the Hutto landfill and the county’s contract with Waste Management.


Lynn said he’s up for battling out the issues before voters, but has yet to have the opportunity.

“She [Duty] has so far refused to debate me,” Lynn said.

I guess not debating is part of the WCGOP’s platform? Lynn’s for open government and giving the people of Williamson County a voice in our county government, and state’s he will bring bring back faith, confidence, integrity, and trust to our County Attorney’s office.

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