Democrats will bring accountability back to Williamson County if elected

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While much has been said about change in this election, it’s always been about bringing back accountability to our government for me. It’s true though that in Williamson County, the Texas US Senate race, and the presidential race we can’t have accountability without change. In Williamson County, whether it’s the County Attorney‘s race, the Precinct 1 or Precinct 3 Commissioners races, or the race in HD-52, returning the incumbent, or the candidate of the incumbent party, to office will not bring accountability back to our government. If reelected the incumbents will see the voters sending them back to office as a ratification of their current policies, and only bring about worse policies in the future.

Those infamous policies are all too familiar to the citizens of Williamson County. They include allowing the imprisonment of innocent mothers and children, disregard for the constitution, ignoring citizens of the county on the most important issues, and ignoring the Attorney General’s opinions, just to name a few. The Republicans in Williamson County are again attempting to use their ‘ol reliable dog-whistle, calling their Democratic challengers liberals, but unfortunately their main foe is their record in office. That tired old argument doesn’t seem to be working this time around. With voters tiring of right-wing ideological candidates, the Democrats have come home, and Independents and Republicans are joining them. They’ve become receptive to the Democratic candidates who’ve campaigned on bringing back government of, by, and for the people.

Get out and vote today, and vote to bring back accountability back to Williamson County government.

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