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EOW is hearing that there are long lines at Precinct 204 - Cedar Park Public Library. Most other polling locations are seeing steady flows, with people moving in and out of the polling place with relative ease.

Also Precinct 135 - Bluebonnet Elementary School, opened about 30 minutes late.

At this point we’re predicting turnout of about 61,000 today, added to the 112,000 that voted early would make about a 75% turnout for 2008.

To find you polling location or view a sample ballot you can go here. You can also call the WCDP campaign office at (512) 501-3574, for assistance of to report any polling place issues.

Feel free to share your experience in the comments. Updates to follow…

[UPDATE]: Via KXAN they’re reporting a ballot error in Williamson County this morning in 16 precincts:

An error in electronic poll books for Election Day means some voters got the wrong ballots. There are reportedly 16 precincts impacted so far.

About 590 votes total were affected. Officials think it happened to the people that voted between 7 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. If you think you got the wrong ballot, call Williamson County at (512) 943-1100.

This may be an issue with the RRISD bond measures missing from the ballot.

[UPDATE]: KXAN continues to update the story it also includes the City of Georgetown Propositions too.

[UPDATE]: Precinct 135 - Bluebonnet Elementary School, will stay open until 7:30 because it opened late due to lack of access to the polling location beforehand.

[UPDATE]: Today’s turnout may be coming in more like 58,000 or 59,000.

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