More Progress in Williamson County

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(Analysis of Tuesday’s results from Henry Kight. This is preliminary data at this point.)

All, congratulations are in order for again making great progress in increasing the number of Democratic voters in Williamson County.

Not only have two Democratic candidates been elected in the November 4th, 2008 General Election, (Diana Maldonado for State House District District 52 and Woodie Jones for Chief Justice, 3rd Court of Appeals), but also the number of Williamson County Precincts that voted in the majority for Barack Obama appears to be 28.

Here is a list of the precincts that won for Obama:

135,142,146,147,150,151,152,162,168,172,185,215,218,239,274,275,357,367,370,425,426,429,436,455,456,463,480 and 484.

There were many that were very close to winning and almost all of these precincts voted strongly for our other Democratic Candidates as well.

This is an Increase of 2 precincts over our results in voting for Governor in 2006 which was 25 precincts and one tie.

It seems that gains were made in Round Rock and Southern Georgetown, while Southwestern Williamson held strong.

Here is a graphic that shows what happened: Please note that eastern Williamson precincts voted heavily in favor of a Democratic Governor in 2006 due to the Trans-Texas Corridor issue that is bound to come up again. Also remember that even though the eastern Precincts are huge in land area that they have comparable numbers of voters as much smaller city precincts. In 2008 the precincts that won are different from those in 2006, but there are more of them.

The data from the Williamson County Elections office is cumbersome to work with and until I get it into Excel format I may have some errors, so please let me know if you see something wrong. It will be very interesting to see the increase in the number of Democratic voters as this has been a year of records broken.


Henry Kight
Chair Pct 151

(A few points quick points from my perspective. It’s quite a change, geographically speaking, from 2006 to 2008. Analysis of the 2008 numbers as compared to the 2006 numbers is that this year’s numbers are probably a more realistic gauge of where the Democrats are Williamson County. The difference between the 2006 numbers and the 2008 numbers can easily be explained. In 2006 there was a rural backlash against Gov. Rick Perry and his disastrous corporate toll road giveaway, therefore the blue in the rural areas, that changed back in 2008. In 2008, a presidential year and with great candidates providing a choice on the ballot, we got a truer sense of where the Democrats really are in the county. That we won more precincts in 2008 and 2006 is another sign of the progress Democrats are continuing to make in Williamson County. Thanks to Henry Kight for this analysis.)

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