Bills, Bills, Bills

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Yesterday was the first day to file bills for the 81st Legislature in Texas, that starts January 13, 2009. AAS had this report, Flurry of bill filings hint at Texas lawmakers’ priorities.

State lawmakers filed hundreds of would-be laws on Monday, including proposals to create a health insurance program for children who have a parent paying child support, strengthen background checks for people who work with the elderly, and require women who seek an abortion to first get an ultrasound.

It was the first day bills could be filed for the legislative session that begins in January.

Although filing a bill is just the first step in a long process (of about 6,200 bills introduced in 2007, only about 1,500 passed) the filings offer a glimpse of what lawmakers will be debating.

Vince Leibowitz at Capitol Annex has much more specific information on yesterday’s action.

Prefiling, Day One: Transportation Bills.

81st Texas Legislature, Pre-Filing, Day 1: Election Law & Redistricting Legislation.

“Informed Consent” Bills Rear Ugly Heads In Anticipation Of 81st Session Of Texas Legislature.

81st Texas Legislature, Pre-Filing, Day 1: Higher Education.

Voucher Bill Filed In Anticipation Of 81st Texas Legislature.

Pre-Filing, Day 1: Education Legislation.

Pre-Filing, Day 1: A Look At Criminal Justice Bills Including One That Declares Illegal Aliens Sitting In Their Own Couch Watching Their Own TV In Their Own Home Are Trespassing.

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