Frankie Limmer’s Legacy II

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Some say a picture is worth a thousand words. This time, who knows? This picture sums up what Republicans are doing to the rural folk in Williamson County. And the rural folk are responding “Keep your S&%$ off my land”! Literally. Whether it’s a sewer plant or a “Superhighway” that’s several football fields wide, this is all being brought to you by unaccountable Republican government in our county, state, and country.

Now I could go into all that I told you so, or they’ve been scaring you with gay marriage and values, and now they’re coming after your most valued possession, but I won’t. There’s an old saying, “you have the power”. You being the people. All it will take to stop things like this is to start electing Democrats to bring accountability, or what our Founding Father’s called “check and balances”, back to our government.
Take a second at the picture above and try to envision it like the sign isn’t there. See the nice green cotton field in the background and not a building in site, that’s where Frankie Limmer is hoping to build a sewer plant to benefit his future development plans. Now I know what you’re thinking, it’s just progress. Maybe, but in this case there’s more involved. Like History and the environment. Read the second letter, Residents object to site picked for wastewater plant, from the TDP a couple of weeks ago. Or if you can’t read it all just read this:

We, as a community, cannot comprehend why such a visible site was chosen when other secluded, isolated sites with heavily wooded areas were available. According to Connie Real with the LCRA, these landowners were agreeing to sell without condemnation.

Site D will dump a large volume of water into or near Cottonwood Creek. Brushy Creek often backs up into Cottonwood Creek. Site D is near where Cottonwood and Brushy meet. Several other landowners will have access to their property between Cottonwood and Brushy Creek cut off by increased water flow.

Normans Crossing is a historic community recognized by the State of Texas. It is more than homes and farms, it is a close and tight knit community with friendships covering decades. Many families have been here for over 100 years. My great-great grandmother came to Normans Crossing with her family by covered wagon in 1872.

The Walnut Springs School, now the Normans Crossing Community Club Building, is one of only 12 one room schoolhouses left in Texas. The drive on FM 1660 is one of the most scenic in Williamson County. This land has been cultivated since the mid 1800s.

Normans Crossing is a special area. My family is heart broken and devastated about our beautiful farm.

Site D or any site with a high visible profile is unacceptable to our community!

This from the TDP as well where the LCRA tries to calm folks by telling them about a previous sewer plant:

(Scott Ahlstrom, professional engineer and manager of water and wastewater utility services for LCRA) said LCRA already operates a wastewater treatment facility near the Dell Diamond in Round Rock, which is being doubled in size to meet demand. He said the one proposed near Hutto will have shorter structures on its property than the one near the baseball stadium.

It might be small now but just wait until all of Mr. Limmer’s project is built out and demand increases, then we can increase the size of it. Won’t that be great. If we look to Montana where Democrats and rural voters have come together in agreement on the environment, it becomes apparent that while we may not agree on everything we have much more in common than people think.

As I drove 1660 from East to West the signs - this size and the smaller yard sign - were continuous for several miles. The folks of Norman’s Crossing are united in their opposition to this sewer plant being plunked down in their community for only one reason, it seems, to further the interests of the current County Commissioner who is not seeking reelection.

(There will be more to come in the near future on how the rural folk can stop the TTC.)

[UPDATE]: Much more information from the LCRA:

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