Report From Blackland Coalition Forum Tonight

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Received this via email tonight:

I just came from the candidates forum in Seaton where Kinky, Strayhorn and Bell spoke. Strayhorn brought the standing room only hall to its feet and had every one clapping loudly. She is by far the best and most forceful speaker and better able to rally people who need to feel that someone at a higher level is going to back them in their cause.

Bell who I like, however came across as a really wishy-washy and would lose his train of thought during his speech. If people would clap while he was in the middle of a sentence, while Strayhorn just got more and more motivated when folks interrupted her with applause and laughter. No one there really seemed to take Kinky seriously at all and just laughed at his jokes.

I talked to Chris Bell briefly and I like him however. No one in the corridor’s path is apt to vote for him. They are all die hard Republicans and they are all in Strayhorn’s camp. My feeling and just my feeling and opinion is this that Republicans are going independent in the rural areas and are not going to vote Democratic unless they have no choice. If they have no choice they may vote Democratic for a strong candidate like Brig Mireles or Jim Stauber that they feel will represent them.

This of course is just my opinion. There were a lot of news media and photographers there so there should be some news out soon about the situation.

The PAC has not made a decision however they introduced Strayhorn 1st so thats may give you an idea where they are.

Standing room only! Sounds like it was fun and funny. Too bad Perry wasn’t there.

[UPDATE] Statesman article on the Forum, Candidate forum focuses on Trans-Texas Corridor.

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