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After noticing this:

Mike Krusee, Gov. Perry’s Freeway Toll Road lap dog, was late reporting his personal financial disclosure last week with the Texas Ethics Commission (TEC). Filing this document late triggers an automatic $500 fine. Krusee can fight the fine, with an administrative process that involves going before the TEC.

Sal Costello started wondering what Mike Krusee does for a living when he is not in his role as the “Godfather of Toll”. Here’s what he’s found out so far:

This incident has caused me to look closer at his financial disclosures from past years. The TEC disclosers are supposed to give citizens an insight on where legislators make their money. Krusee has listed such nebulous sources of occupation as “consulting” and “legal services”. This is strange since Krusee has NO college education for anything, and he’s certainly not a lawyer.

In 2005, Mike Krusee, Wilco’s House 52 State Rep, listed he received occupational income by being Vice President of Paramount Document Retrieval (PDR), 550 Westcott, Houston, TX 77007. The Secretary of State shows David M. Hasha being VP of PDR and Mike Krusee is not listed for any position at all.


Next I’m starting to think that the Republicans in the legislature are now willing to work with the teachers to bring about something more substantial than just Gov. Perry’s crony commission tax swap. This article from the FWST is a good place to start, Politicians listening to teacher organizations. Nothing like taking down the chair of the Education Committee to get their attention. Did you hear that all of you that are opposed to the TTC? If you want them to take you seriously why not take out the chair of the Transportation Committee, aka, the “Godfather of Toll”. There is an alternative, Karen Felthauser.

And last the AAS published a the right-wing-James-Leininger-think-tank editorial today which basically tries to make the case than anyone who wants to tax wealthy people is just envious. He goes to great lengths to show this but the funny thing is he never mentions the word greed.

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